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April 20, 2022 (Wednesday) today is 663. Today is suitable for developing outside, contributing one's own wisdom, and giving oneself to gain more opportunities and recognition. Be careful not to be too impulsive, there are many opportunities but not everything If you want, otherwise you will be busy and get nothing. Don't have a gambler's mentality in order to get more wealth, and be careful of unimaginable consequences.

Share the importance of putting shoes at the door

1. What is the point of putting shoes at the door: shoes should be placed at the entrance. In the feng shui layout of Yangzhai, the gate is the entrance to the feng shui aura, and it is the entrance and exit of the feng shui aura. Therefore, shoes cannot be placed at the gate, but a porch can be set up. No problem, stable feng shui. Broad-leaved green plants can be placed next to the shoe cabinet. The broad-leaved green plants in Feng Shui are used to dissolve evil spirits, which can resolve evil spirits outside the house, and can also stabilize the wealth of the house and attract wealth and treasures;

2. What's the point of putting shoes at the door: shoes should not face the door. For the convenience of changing shoes when going in and out, there is nothing wrong with placing the shoe cabinet near the gate. According to Feng Shui, if this is the case, it will definitely lead to bankruptcy, which will affect the fortune of the family and even bring a bad sense of security to the owner. , Because on shoes, evil spirits are generally concentrated on the ground, so wearing shoes into a house or room will bring evil spirits into the home, and it is the people in the family who are affected by evil spirits. Therefore, when the shoes are placed, the direction of the toe must also face the wall;

3. The shoes should not be placed too high. The shoes themselves bring a lot of bad breath, which makes the magnetic field of the house disorder. If it is not placed properly, it will affect the health of the family, and even bring about unfavorable family relationships.

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